Author Topic: Chopin complete by Rubinstein or who else?  (Read 8455 times)

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Re: Chopin complete by Rubinstein or who else?
« Reply #40 on: January 03, 2019, 08:55:05 AM »
The DG/Universal is the somewhat typical mix of "standard" back catalogue recordings, e.g. Pollini and somewhat less obvious choices. I guess Pogo sells well enough in single discs and he is highly idiosyncratic, so his not included. But they apparently wanted to have two younger laureates, namely Blechacz and Li. Zimerman has also been very famous since winning the prize but his concerti are rather special (slow and mannered although impressive in their attention to detail, including orchestral details).

It's been a while I listened to that box but I think it is a very good basic set. It was worth it for me although I hardly needed a basic set when I bought it around 2010, having most of these works, apart from the songs and some other odds and ends already in (usually plenty of) different interpretations already.
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Re: Chopin complete by Rubinstein or who else?
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FWIW, I think Ashkenazy's Chopin is superb, his box would be a fine place to start. The concerti and cello sonata can be readily found to supplement it. I've never experienced any curiosity about the juvenilia or songs, but I guess that may be the point of it for some. I have the Ohlsen set though I've never gotten to it. I always end up finding an Arrau disc in my player when the need for Chopin appears.