Started by Karl Henning, July 16, 2014, 05:15:08 AM

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Reading John Dover-Wilson's introduction and notes for the edition of A&C I have I learn for the first time that "gypsy" is a corruption of "Egyptian".

...along with quite a bit of other information, of course.


Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darĂ¼ber muss man schweigen


Looking for something else I came across this striking poster for Measure For Measure:


Quote from: SimonNZ on May 26, 2019, 05:56:08 AM
Saw this earlier today and mixed feelings at best, but still worthwhile.

Far far far too much, especially in the first half ,was given a humorous interpretation and played for laughs, which detracted tome and again from the depth of the characterization and made everything frivolous. Likewise having Enobarbus played as a drunk. The two leads shout their lines at each other (I know this is theater and they have to reach the back row, but still) which robs scenes of not only subtlety, but also romance. Shakespeare's Cleopatra is a hard role to pull off without leaving the viewer wondering what her famous lovers saw in her - it is there in the text if played carefully - and much as I often admire Sophie Okonedo, this one was warped by bad directorial decisions.

The costumes and very creative staging are justly praised.

I can't imagine that a shouting Cleopatra would be in the least bit seductive! :)
Music is Magic.


And yet...National Theatre Live broadcasts are among the things I've missed most over the last two years.


Yes - it's not as if there are limitless opportunities to watch Shakespeare acted. And even not-quite-right performances give pause for thought.
Music is Magic.


Finally...this Henry V production with Kit Harrington set to screen in 3 weeks time.

I don't care if the reviews are a little mixed (and anyway I usually come out of these or local performances weighing strengths and weaknesses).



Found a couple of interesting douumentaries about two very different NY Shakespeare In The Park productions:

The first with Meryl Street and Raoul Julia performing Taming Of The Shrew in 1978. Some backstage banter, but long stretches of the actual performance, which is fun.

The second about the 1982 Hamlet with a very young Diane Venora being cast androginously in the lead role. Mostly rehearsal scenes with a few bits of the actual performance. Fascinating, but based on this alone I'm unconvinced by the casting: her youth and inexperience has her making the role no more than a copy of her own personality and attitude. But, again, fascinating.


Looking for something else I learn that Daniel Craig has done Macbeth at least a couple of times now:

Also this performance I hadn't heard about before:

In other Shakespeare news I'll be driving/ferrying up to Wellington to see The Tempest in five weeks time: this thing on?