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Gurn Blanston:
This something we have been through before, the old WAYLTN? thread has gotten huge, and it isn't helping things for the database to have to read it every time someone goes there. This, coupled with the very odd warning from Google has compelled me to lock the old thread and we shall start anew. On topic, I am listening to some rarely heard Mozart:

Make it sticky, Gurn, make it sticky!

Gurn Blanston:

--- Quote from: Florestan on September 23, 2019, 04:49:40 AM ---Make it sticky, Gurn, make it sticky!

--- End quote ---

Like I haven't heard THAT before... ::)   Anyway, it is. The other is locked and will fade away, but if you are able to still visit it (I can't) feel free. I suspect that the fact I use Chrome merely aids and abets the warning issue.


I suspect the warning thing was connected with a particular page element like a linked image.

Anyway, I've decided that the last thing I'll listen to tonight, and hence the first thing I'll contribute to this thread, is the kind of work that every "crossover" aspires to be.

Sarah Kirkland Snider, Penelope.

YAY it works again, thanks Gurn!

English Music, CD VII.

Henry Purcell.
Theatre Music, Part III.

What a constant pleasure this music is. And Although I heard it all on LP in the olden days, it still thrills me.


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