Author Topic: Jazz N blues and instrumental brutal skronk-jazz before 1950 ?  (Read 184 times)

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Jazz N blues and instrumental brutal skronk-jazz before 1950 ?
« on: November 22, 2019, 11:27:42 AM »
Okay, dear folks, I want to know who invented blues skronk or jazz-skronk in the African- Americans brutal skronk prior. Noisy, relentless, brutal.

Before Robert Ashley quite brilliant 'Wolfman' era. But what about before.

I ask you all before 1960 what was very skronky dirty muddy to the max blues or jazz.

What about ancient lore Jazz and ancient lore blues that was not melodic at all but perhaps organized chaos and was not all about prettiness but the ugliness of it all and harsh noisy stuff in jazz and blues prior to 1950.
Not melodic but about loudness and heaviness, not in a way of metal music but more so skronk-rockers, thus said and meaning loud instrumental a very noisy chaotic music before 1950 stuff no one would play on the radio, not because of stiff white conservatives radio broadcast but because it was not for everyone everybody basic cup of tea?

Please, someone, manifest tell me what is non-conformist brutal skronk of 1930-1950 in blue and jazz. Now please flabbergast me I salute you all and send a warm thank you whit it?
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