Author Topic: Conspiracy Theory corner, What are you're favorite lol  (Read 444 times)

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Conspiracy Theory corner, What are you're favorite lol
« on: December 03, 2019, 03:36:53 AM »
I personally not an adept of conspiracy theory, some could be true some could be false?

But beside conspiracy theory, like Jews run the world, I don't buy it and don't want to talk about a document that shed so much blood, but you all know what I'm referring to.

There are other so call conspiracy theory some are crazier than others.

The first example what if Zodiac killer case, the serial killer that never got caught, was not the act of a sole man, but a satanic organization, because to much stuff is fishy about the case.

I explain several victims, that were lucky enough to survive the attack talk about a black man involved in this, while media always said it was the bloody mess of only one sick mind a white dude whit huge nerdy glasses.

What if there were some sort of satanic mob?,
we are not aware of, what if this death were the work of a secret satanic organization of we kill for Satan I.e

Another conspiracy would be the Ronny Dafoe, Amityville grizzly murders of a family, what if Ronny Dafoe's family was butchered by the mob, a mob, and no police officers would want to investigate this seriously, they had a suspect a junky and that was it, they frame the dude for all of the murder, the mob warn Dafoe, if he would testify against them, he would be next. We will never know the whole story here secrecy lock the true, we don't know exactly what happens. My theory in this the mob involved you betcha.

Wacky conspiracy everywhere these days, it crazy, but if the word exists, they mostly exist,
nowadays you're considering a psychotic if you believe in these so-called conspiracies.

I don't know what to think of this?

What about the poltergeist conspiracy, all of the actors died or disappear, this is strange, we don't know why?

What is a conspiracy you heard and tend to believe?

Remember, there are so much secrecy and fake news these days, one rational soul is challenged, I say conspiracy everywhere hell no, but some have got to true some of them not all.

Why am I interested in this, a year ago I was severely beating up, yet police never investigated and call me a crazy said I had convulsion yet my wounds do not correspond whit an I felt scenario and had a convulsion. I was so smashed to a bloody pulp look a picture does this look like someone who felt or someone who got pummel to death. I could see my assailant as I was tased whit a taser-gun in my right leg while shaving, this was certainly a conspiracy, convulsion victim doesn't look like this... too much stuff that looks like a mob attack of a street gang this is all I know?
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Re: Conspiracy Theory corner, What are you're favorite lol
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2019, 07:02:03 AM »
Well, for now you got Epstein which every one know is a conspiracy.
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