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Top 10 conductors that YOU like the most

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What are your TOP 10 conductors that you like the most?

(no Mahler, etc - I am strictly talking about the ones that we can hear on recordings).

You can rank them, or you can just name them with no ranking.

This is a poll not about what are the most famous ones and not about the ones widely recognized.
I repeat - this is a poll about the ones YOU like the most.

So it is not about arguing - each individual preferences are to be respected (eg I might like coconut, you might not ....)

You can name less than 10, as you can name more than 10. Decision is yours.

Mine are

2. George SZELL
3. Eugene ORMANDY
4 -8 Rafael KUBELÍK
4- 8 Bernard HAITINK
4 -8 Bruno WALTER
4 -8 Yevgeny MRAVINSKY
9 -11 Neville MARRINER
9-11 Nikolaus HARNONCOURT
9-11 Carlos KLEIBER

At the end I will scientifically organize and data and I ill let you know the results.

As always in these lists there is someone I have forgotten

1. Sir John Barbirolli
2. Rafael Kubelik
3. Rudolf Kempe
4. Jean Martinon
5. Colin Davis
6. Bernard Haitink
7. Charles Mackerras
8. Richard Hickox
9. John Eliot Gardiner
10. Nikolaus Harnoncourt

These are special favourites but Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, Georg Solti and George Szell probably make up the backbone of my collection, mainly for historical reasons, and I wouldn't want to be without them.

I could probably swap Herreweghe for Harnoncourt.... but other possibilities are numerous

For December 2019:

Carl Schuricht
Carlo Maria Giulini
Clemens Krauss
Esa Pekka Salonen
Herbert von Karajan
Manfred Honeck
Paul McCreesh
Pierre Montuex
Rafael Kubelik
Thomas Hengelbrock

Symphonic Addict:
B. Thomson
N. Järvi
C. Davis

j winter:
Today's list.  Compiling it, it really drove home just how old-fashioned my taste is in these things... I think Norrington's the only one that hasn't been dead for at least 30 years...

George Szell
Bruno Walter
Wilhelm Furtwangler
Karl Bohm
Leopold Stokowski
Roger Norrington
Leonard Bernstein
John Barbirolli
Otto Klemperer
Eugen Jochum


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