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Good morning, all,

I'm moving house, we're trying to fit the contents of two medium-sized dwellings into one small (albeit very lovely) one, and most of my beloved library has been deemed surplus to requirements, including:

MacDonald: The Symphonies of Havergal Brian, vols 1, 2, 3
Truscott & Rapoport: Havergal Brian's Gothic Symphony
Nettel: Ordeal by Music

All in reasonable condition although very well read.

Any or all free to a good home for the cost of postage.  Please PM if interested.


I am crying. Did you pass on all of the HB volumes by MacDonald?

I have been looking to source a set....

Yes, long gone, sorry.  The Nettel I was happy to send to our very own Vandermolen; I sold the 2 MacDonald volumes on eBay, and charity-shopped the rest.

Cheers, Dave. Thought so, but was worth a punt :). Appreciate the response.


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