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Re: Last Movie You Watched
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It’s cultural imperialism; some of their Japanese subjects would become loyal to the Pope.

That's not what the book implies in the least. Most Japanese Christians were externely poor, downtrodden peasants whose only desire was to be left alone to worship at their improvised altars. They had no idea about a far away Pope and when martyrized died singing about the afterlife not crying "Long live the Pope!" They posed no threat to the power of warlords.

If the movie implies otherwise then it's a betrayal of the book's letter and spirit.

I partly see the way Steve suggests, but a majority of readers and the original author don’t see that way.
The story is about a 17th century Jesuit missionary's quest for truth in Japan, where Christianity was strictly prohibited.
He faces a dillemma-  unless he publicly renounces Christianity, his followers would be executed by the government.
J govt was so cruel that it won’t execute him so he would be agonized with guilt for many years.
The original author intends to say that 1) Japanese lack ethics 2) because they are not Christians. I am fine with 1) but skeptical with 2).
Imo, the protagonist has a messianic illusion- he thinks he has a “kindness” to convert the people who believe in “wrong” religion to a right religion of a true God.
To me that’s a gigantic arrogance and blindness grounded upon cultural centralism. But again, the author’s intention is different.
Anyway it’s a good movie/book with multilayered dilemmas. Still I am a little worried that some Christian (fundamentalist) viewers may see the movie in terms of simplistic good vs evil picture without observing nuances, depth, dilemmas, paradoxes, etc.

Disclosure: I am an atheist and the author is Christian. I admire this movie and the original book as well as other works written by him.
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Re: Last Movie You Watched
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Unfortunately what you referred to as a "messianic illusion" is widely shared among Christians even now, and basic to the European outlook for over a thousand years.

I didn't realize the novelist was a Christian.

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