Author Topic: Deprofundis Godflesh-ian offering of his youth,and His last duo project 2010.  (Read 973 times)

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WRECKAGE were an old band I did while I was into Godflesh in early 1990, alone a one man band of Guitar/bass drum-machine but done like GORE(from The Netherlands) all instrumental, Perhaps it's my trip or had no singer voice worthy...

It's more focus less, deconstructed, more focus, it's still is some vague Noise-rock drum-Machine laden, nothing perfect this recording  do as Flaws, garare record since was a teenager, still good tribute band of Godflesh, but on drugs & Rum, like if they were too wasted, now has A 43 yrs old man, do have more self control, but In the past a confession, drank a lots of on strong liqueur beverage 40%   and smoke more, now this time is  souvenir, I'm moderated and thank god for this...

Now for you're own pleasure thos interested, whatever here WRECKAGE on Noisy Hell Production, there feature on Bandcamp, just like Hexen! smoke and fire but  this is more mainstream and a do to this perticular friend, trained musician, I did built the structure, keybords Works but my Friend back than done studio ''manicotage'' of this 6 song work in dub-doom-prog

P.s I did not like final result of Hexen! -smoke N fire- it's not on Noisy Hell Production for this particular reason...
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I’ve listened to the first three tracks of Hexen! -smoke N fire so far and rather like it 8). That’s more what I was thinking of - using your noise as some of the raw material for a dark, industrial, ambient sound. Like some of the stuff on these free “Darkside Compilation” downloads .