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« on: May 03, 2020, 12:47:18 PM »
Hello All.

I'm Serge Smirnoff, 53. I began listening classical music in my late 30s (in earlier years — very rarely), mainly Bach and mainly keyboard music of Bach and mainly Goldberg Variations ("mainly" means "not restricted to"). By 2012 (this year is kind of my landmark for Bach music, I described it below) I've listened good over 100 interpretations of Goldberg Variations played on different instruments: piano (and duo), fortepiano (it is "old piano"), harpsichord (with different types of strings; I mean lute-harpsichord), organ, accordion, cymbalums, synthesizer, guitar (one, two and dubbing), MIDI, harp, string ensemble, brass ensemble, symphonic orchestra, jazz band, rock band and maybe some else I forgot now; I not keep track of all my listenings. And I never choosed one side of so called "harpsichord-piano debate" and listen both of them.

To lesser extent was then my listening of Bach Partitas (30-40 interpretations by 2012), English Suites (around 20 interpretations by 2012), French Suites, WTC, AOF (around 10 interpretations of each by 2012). In later years my interest to Bach Partitas (and to English Suites) quickly overcomed my first interest to Goldberg Variations. My interest to Bach Toccatas was never been noticeable though I listened several harpsichord and piano interpretations then but not listening them now.

Probably I'll write here in forum my thoughts about these works and my selection of best interpretations. As starting point (also good choice for beginner listener) — my review of Bach Goldberg Variations recorded by Kimiko Ishizaka: on Internet Archive or on Bach Cantatas Website.

I'm not musically educated (though got several piano lessons at the very youth). Though, I've read several music-related books, two of them (as most important for me) I mention here: The Keyboard Music of J.S.Bach by David Schulenberg (bought in paper, softcover) and The Goldberg Variations by Peter Williams (read electronically). Also I have printed scores of Goldberg Variations (two: commented Urtext and Kirkpatrick edition), Partitas, English Suites and French Suites (all are bought in paper, not as computer files).

My listenings and thoughts of Bach music eventually lead me (also been asked on programmers forum) to write kind of beginner's guide to Bach music (in Russian) after realizing that no (!..) such guide exist (as of 2011-2012) in Internet (I searched not only Russian internet pages). Link to my review (also with link to Google-translated English version) is present on Aryeh Oron's famous Bach Cantatas Website: Bach — An Endless Music / Short Overview of Bach Music (direct link to English translation).

Over years I slowly (and steadily) began to listen some Classical era composers, mainly Haydn and mainly his Quartets (and mainly Festetics performance), and years later I discovered (and highly liked) Spohr and his String Quintets and String Quartets (all 36 Quartets and all 7 Quintets were listened many-many times). String quartets (not only Haydn's and Spohr's) definitely grabbed my attention and time, it is fine and pure music. Also I've read Charles Rosen's The Classical Style (partially).

Later I highly interested and listened many of woodwind concertos and woodwind chamber music by different composers and quite recently I began to listen piano chamber music (piano trios, quartets, quintets).

I understand that this is just post of my introduction and not book of my life in music, so I quickly wrap-up here (and possibly will write in more details in specific threads on this forum).

If it is allowable here, anyone can ask me of some specific matter noted here in my introduction (e.g. my preferred selection of compositions for woodwind). Or point me to specific thread to write my answer there.

Best wishes to all!

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Re: SergeCpp
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2020, 07:48:18 PM »
Welcome to the forum :).
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Re: SergeCpp
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2020, 05:52:28 AM »
Hello and Welcome !

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Re: SergeCpp
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Bonjour & welcome.

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Re: SergeCpp
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Welcome, Seryozha!
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Re: SergeCpp
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Welcome aboard!
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Re: SergeCpp
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Thumbs up for a fine introduction!

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Re: SergeCpp
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A hearty and warm welcome here....and thank you for sharing a bit of your journey and how you came to appreciate Bach, etc.!   :)

Best wishes,


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Re: SergeCpp
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Welcome and enjoy!
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Re: SergeCpp
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Thumbs up for a fine introduction!


Well done, Serge!

We have many threads about the specific musical interests you mention, like the Goldberg Variations, Spohr and even one on Spohr’s string quartets. Make sure to check for them by using the ‘search’ function. And don’t hesitate to start new ones. A warm welcome !