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Bach Partitas — Gianluca Luisi (Piano)
« on: May 03, 2020, 08:45:48 PM »

Bach Partitas — Gianluca Luisi (Piano) [ also as separate Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 ]

Gianluca Luisi — winner (1st prize) in the "J.S.Bach Piano International Competition" in Saarbrucken-Germany (2001), his short biography can be read on Bach Cantatas Website.

This recording of 2005-07 is the top recording of Bach Partitas on Piano of my personal choice from time of discovering (at end of 2008 on Internet Archive). I heard plenty of Partitas recording on Piano from 2007 to now (cannot say exact number but certainly much more than 20) and certainly I'd heard most (or maybe all) of notable performances (not name them here for my post to not grow infinitely) and I've found several recordings (some of them are from lesser known pianists) that eiter share this top place (being somewhat different in beauty) or being just near top. These years I communicated with several musically educated correspondents of mine from different countries (I'm not musically educated) such as: knowledgeable and educated listeners, piano teachers, and amateur and professional pianists. Many of them either share my opinion about best piano performance or stated that this performance is of high pianistic quality. So this presentation (this post) is based not solely on my uneducated opinion (certainly not as firm as, say, piano teacher examination).

N.B. 1. All playlists and videos are from Gianluca Luisi - Topic, auto-generated by YouTube artist channel (see About section there), and all videos are provided to YouTube by rights owner (see info section for any video). In no way any of this linked content relates to me personally (I understand that I'm novice here on forum and give some more detailed explanations and clarifications).

N.B. 2. Some of abovelinked playlists (e.g Vol. 1 for me) may expose some quirks (some playlist entries can be of different recording). This is YouTube feature (frankly speaking, bug) that depend from visitor's geographic location (country). Videos even can not be available in some countries. I'm not in YouTube staff so I cannot say in exact (it is just information from some of my correspondents located here and there on our Earth Globe). For case of complete no-availability, here are the links to Internet Archive's demos (legally uploaded by producer recording studio OnClassical): Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.
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Re: Bach Partitas — Gianluca Luisi (Piano)
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2020, 11:15:16 PM »
Yes, you are right, and his WTC and French Suites are also very fine.
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