Author Topic: My customade LP washer wor engineer works, whit ease it took me 2wks to do this  (Read 287 times)

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 ;) Sweet at last it work like a carme  it gently scrumb vinyl and is effective whit Eli receiped for vinyl sweet care 1/4 of alcohol, 1/4 of liquids to wash glasses and  2/4 of distilled  water, bam i wash them offen the sounds get better, incredible, covid 29 took me in confinemant but I got into this vibe ala Leonardo Da Vinci so... I better keep it up...

You dont know how much it clean vinyls and it cost me a sac of peanut an old turntable and voila baam, done it nail itt.. savent 1200-2000 canadians bucks from scratch I built it it were easy intellectual task, i took an old LP player it dose a terrificely good  job.My vinyl of 50-60'' sound like news my friend so I had to share
 enthousiasmic trip, i save an incredible amount of money an LP wash 600lbs that 1200 $ canadian bucks so... cool I mean and that it.
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