Author Topic: Tread on Celtic Frost born-again in a sabbath-ian way true metal?  (Read 203 times)

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I discover I like Celtic Frost and in the process became a fan boy, but I avoid Cold lake the cursed album, lol no one like, C.F a fairly said true ,good, awesome band, , barbarian metal rendition, trought heavy crusty guitar, huaaagh!!!

I love Celtic Frost/ Hellhammer , true metal, brutal, crusty noisy riff, speed, and so much
,drums and bass kills as well!

Even if I'm no real metal head?

I would like to sa I like old school metal whit clear voice mostly usual,  and Celtic Frost have a clear voice not a death metal or black metal voice, to me it's the perfect metal band, Morbid tales is speed metal for noobs but very good, into mmegatherion is sludgy almost death metal , into pandamonioum is more hardrock metal for some song still good, cold lake I past, the other 1992 album I like but lesser  vanity and nemesis/vanity is  killer too, and 2007 released  Egeny epic , I love this album lound crushing all good to mme, Hellhammer, is suprisingly more heavy than most Celtic Frost all does it were there demo.Any fan of 80'' metal giant ,: Sarcofaago, Sepultura, Possessed, death metal voice I have no problem , but new metal whit clear voice and whimpy death metal voice i do.

Hail Celtic Frost
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