Author Topic: Deprofundis confession to god I'm a bit snob what it mean is to me?  (Read 216 times)

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When a band or composers of classic is too good , I don't tell people, that have lame taste or fools.

Out of protectionism of artist or band I admitted are you a bit like me on this, seem everyone hate me on this site, because I presume said awful things on some nationality, I,m sorry, it's just I don't and won't like douchebags regardless of origin., perhaps I was too harsh on the Irish, my excuse, but I was targweting  chavs mostly than anything people I can't stand  and this is the same in every country some country pperhaps have more of them, but Irish forgive me,, sorry but iin montreal  lower class poor it's full of Irish chavs in montreal est hochelaga ,rosemont (my district and montreal nord,,please acknowledge and understand this, I like cool intellectual irish got no problem whit them at all , the only problem I have is terrorism from R.I.R.A that a blood bath, look I know you were treated as cheap labor, but my opinion is vengeance & violence don't make it wright, look black folks got slavery are they taking revenge on slave owner most of them don't and grew out of it,  but whit this said it's just an opinion nothing more don't hate me for it, I never claim perfection and I wont, since being perfect no one is: I,m judgemental look I know I have a nasty temper , I'm not always just...

Please spare me from guillotine of guilt...