Author Topic: I don't know what 2 think LIVE SKULL 2019 album , noise-rock icons they changed?  (Read 227 times)

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Saturday nigh massacre  album is so indie rock, not  like before,  SOME SONG PAST THE TEST MOST DON'T, The music is not so bad but I don't know sound mainstream a bit and tame in old school charmed they had some song are good  most , I can't get into them, it's does not sound like the LIVE SKULL I used to to knew, the bleak and intense e.p , The bringing home the bait(genius album) release, nor the other cool release Cloud one, or the first album whit Thalia Zedek, Dusted which mark in 1987 the end of POP art of Basquiat and Andy Warhol.

Tell me what you think of there last release I,m confused or not used to ,I use to love this band now seem like they sold out a bit, or compromised there sound, to sell

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