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Re: Stephen Heller
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I came across this quote recently, from Heller himself, which gives some insight into his compositional intentions:

The artist with his most complicated creations, and precisely where he expresses the darkest moods, must use the simplest forms in order to give his thoughts clarity and understanding. Even though the thought is very deep, the form must be simple—so arise, young artist, and throw yourself courageously into the sea of feelings, strengthen yourself through the masters, especially on Beethoven, and reject the old rubbish, old yellowed piano passages, old-fashioned modulations of bygone times—however, you need not despise them—you may learn something from them. So, for Apollo’s sake, get away from your cozy fireside, and seek new horizons. It is the responsibility of youth not to guard itself too heavily against the storm of life.
A day may be a destiny; for life
Lives in but little—but that little teems
With some one chance, the balance of all time:
A look—a word—and we are wholly changed.