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I confessed whit shame in my heart, this recording is quite moving, and back than for some smoking reason that elude me toss it somewhere as not the best version, but would rediscover later and feel like hmm wait this is captivating what was I smoking back than not to appreciate it, I'm talking about a particular recordings, worth mention.

To make a long story short, I did not catch up whit Josquin Missa Pangue Lingua (ensemble organum /ensemble ClĂ©ment Janequin) yet now I'm listening to it and I find it brilliant!, I was an idiot not to cherish it back than, on Harmonia Mind released in 1988 released in 2008 so it's been like 12 years  now, did not heard it, and blast it's impressive, I feel silly, did some recording did not catch up whit you until later on, and you would find them a tad not inspiring or drab , when it was just perfect, foolishness in other words??

What wrong whit my head, now I see this recording as a hidden gem! wow! had this all along, perhaps at the time I was way into Machaut's Missa DE Notre-Dames that I would find extra ordinary and it would steal the podium to Josquin's ''platter of joy, this record is''  :o

What do you think, were you ever set astray of someone works for another composer give up on a work of such importance a great album you feel now like a total fool???

But I did heard other Missa Pangue Lingua afterward from various era thee metamorphosis biscantur ensemble did one tremendously good if I recalled and still have somewhere.
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