Where are your favourite walks?

Started by vandermolen, July 22, 2020, 01:17:46 PM

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Pohjolas Daughter

Quote from: krummholz on May 24, 2023, 05:57:18 PMIn an amazing coincidence, yesterday I saw my first great blue heron since moving to Vermont - it caught my attention by taking flight from behind some reeds on the edge of a popular pond in Groton State Forest. Then it perched on a rock near the shore and I got an iPhone picture of it, but you need to really zoom in to make out the bird. I was really tickled - they are not common in central Vermont, and I rarely get down to Lake Champlain where I imagine they are much more common.

I still have no idea how to post pictures on this website or I would try to share it.
Excellent!  So happy that you were able to see one!

There's a pair somewhere 'round here, but haven't seen them nor their babies since my one sighting of the one....then again, I haven't visited/walked in that area much in the past few weeks...need to get back to that.

I believe that to post (your own) pictures on this site that you have to first upload them to some sort of a hosting(?) service and then download them to our forum.  You might try posting this question in I think there's a questions/how-to area for the forum?  I just haven't bothered to upload any of my (not normally very good) photos.  For example:  several weeks ago, I sent a photo of "my" heron to a friend.  The response I got:  "What's that?"....sigh.  My old iPhone doesn't have the greatest camera in it.