Author Topic: Tread about conductors of ensemble or orchestra your worship he are mine?  (Read 178 times)

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First name that come to mind are good very good conductor on CPO , Manfred Cordes is  super, I have almost everything he done in renaissance also on CPO label, Meiholf Bruiser all he did lles prolific than mister Cordes is so darn good

And also mister Noel akchoté, mister I love you're guitar rendition you're my idol, you play renaissance ancient lore like a pro whit acoustic guitar, I dethroned Eric Clapton as virtuoso , you're a god of guitar , thank you so much I purchase almost all you Franco-Flemissh rendition and Gesualdo complete madrigals among many thing , you even done a Claude Goudimel, you deserve respect in classical sphere around the world!

There are many other conductors of ensemble or orchestra that deserve podium laurel  and honors, please tell me you're

p.s have you heard  Johannes Delichius orr Festive Hanseatic music, or it wonderful De la Macque Madrigali...

You have my word you won't be disappointed by Manfred Cordes he is a man of devotion & a passionate conductor a true genius

Do you Agree, and i wish to say I love CPO renaissance series so much and very early baroque  17th century Germans.