Author Topic: best stabbat matter of Josquin desprez awesome release of past!  (Read 213 times)

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You''re old enought did you recalled the glory days of Caliope France, whit Jachet de Mantoue ensemble have them all almost (except Morales masses) which are all darn great,  the mighty Clercks of Oxenford wow those were thee days of utter joy, Tonight I were listening to Jachet de mantoue 2 missa and one lamentation. Now short paranthesis out of context, I most talk out of the blue, of thee following now let's change in colors el chromatismo, flavors, sounds to English polyphony, perhaps I may listen to the oldest book in England of songs, on some label  or John Browne whit gold old Tallis Scholars can get wrong whit this

Wait I feel like such a fool not speaking at all about this album Ensemble Jachet de Mantoue- Josquin ''Stabat mater, which is, a wonderful, bold ,clear rendition of this work, it's so on real it's surreal, to this point, it's epic in a sense, this stabat mater dos not get recorded that often, and by a prime class ensemble, the mighty Ensemble Jachet de Mantoue finest moment, for others composers than Jachet de Mantoue I guess my note for this one 10/10+++

I swear it's that good deprofundis never swear unless he had to!
Philippe Herreweghe done a splendid Stabbat Mater of Josquin back in 1986, not to mention thee sweet motets that goes whit it, R.I.P Phlippe, for all the good works you done in you're life span whit La Chapelle Royale Ensemble  :'( may the holy guided you up there.
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