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any Czech fans here - know this album?

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Not on Amazon, Allmusic, eBay, etc.
Only the website  -  no review that I can find anywhere.
If you have it, a photo of the back cover would be appreciated, as well as any link to a review.
Is "Slezský komorní orchestr Ostrava" a regular performing/recording body, or one of those one-time aggregations they put a name on for the recording?  When was it recorded?  Very frustrating  >:(

Papy Oli:
If that helps, a "Pavel Vitek dirigent" search brought those up:

Doc.MgA. PAVEL VÍTEK - dirigent
violin solo - LUDĚK CAP

no, but thanks for the effort

Pohjolas Daughter:
I don't know this album.  How did you hear about? 

I did find this though.  Perhaps you might contact them with your questions?

And also this:


Papy Oli:

--- Quote from: Scion7 on September 14, 2020, 06:49:45 AM ---no, but thanks for the effort

--- End quote ---

You can always try posting a comment with your questions under one of those videos and see if the uploader has the album information for you. He seems to answer to some of the comments, he mentions on one of them he even could send a CD of this to somebody.


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