Author Topic: composers so devout to music they were workaholic and died of sleep starvation?  (Read 162 times)

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Serious post I need serious answer, When I see how much work mister  Paul Van Nevel(not a composer but a director)  put out, I'm thinking of this, does this guys ever sleep he most work 20 hours a day  7 day a weeks he passionate like this, I have a lots of  Huelgas ensemble recording his last was awesome called The magic of polyphony (I think) and it's excellent.

But what about composer's that hardly sleep compose music almost 24hours a day 7 days a week and died of fatigue do to sleep starvation.
I'm talking of extreme Workaholic so passionate about classical music the  work they put out they collapse one day died young, like Mozart I.e.

I suspect Lassus (2500+ works), Telemann(7000 works) and J.s Bach to be like this too whit the colossal output they let us.

Can you die of sleep starvation died of fatigue due to working too much, Mozart seem an obvious case (at least in the movie Amadeus on Mozart  life) we all know.

What are the workaholics of 20 century that died collapsing on the floor, not waking up?

Why a post like this because I admire Workaholics out there, the reverse of laziness.

Outside classic some said Frank Zappa was exactly like this putting out two album a year sometime, it's  really incredible.

Outside music Bruce Lee probably died  like this too much  work out , the machine  stop he died,  do you agree on this ?

So whom are the worst offender if we talk of workaholic and Classical and how much  work hours a weeks can a man endure, like sleep starvation  scientifically speaking?

I'm curious to know name composers among this list of diehard worker that never stop , that have either  unsustain stamina or were superman?

Thanks for reading this post ,, this post serious so I expect serious answer, please...

Take care all of you by god mean I mean everyone!