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Re: USA Politics (redux)
« Reply #3980 on: July 07, 2022, 05:28:20 AM »
I'm not sure who said it - Jack White, maybe? But a quote I always liked went something like - "If there's emotion missing in electronic music, it's because someone didn't put it in".

In other words I don't really think electronic music (and hip-hop, to be clear, is - electronic music by lineage) is by nature any less "human" or emotive than other genres, but it does depend on what one hopes to get out of music.

Actually I rather like this quote from the KLF -

So why don't all songs sound the same? Why are some artists great, write dozens of classics that move you to tears, say it like it's never been said before, make you laugh, dance, blow your mind, fall in love, take to the streets and riot? Well, it's because although the chords, notes, harmonies, beats and words have all been used before their own soul shines through; their personality demands attention. This doesn't just come via the great vocalist or virtuoso instrumentalist. The Techno sound of Detroit, the most totally linear programmed music ever, lacking any human musicianship in its execution reeks of sweat, sex and desire. The creators of that music just press a few buttons and out comes - a million years of pain and lust.
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