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Started by ando, October 24, 2023, 06:29:38 AM

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Got tired of looking at the obit thread. Mr. Rogers' music is still alive and kicking in my world. How bout yours?  :D

Why are his off the cuff jam sessions some of his best stuff? Can only be grateful someone caught 'em. Here's a nice one. The visuals, well...

CopenHagen SoundCheCk (2002)

San Antone

Pretty cool - sounds like late career Miles Davis - but actually .... better.  :o


From the Purple Rain period, this is the full version of Computer Blue. Not sure if it's on the PR anniversary release. But I will say, listening to this extended cut, that the edited album version was done well. It's just too bad producers were so terrified of extended takes on "commercial" music and no wonder Prince ran in the opposite direction with his next project.


Great rehearsal clip


Never listened to the additional tracks on Prince's Super Deluxe edition of 1999. From afar they seemed superfluous, stuff I'd already heard. But I'm diggin all the extended, impromptu stuff now. 

Purple Music


BATMAN: The Complete Soundtrack (1989, Max Steiner, Danny Elfman, Prince)


Nice live version of Sweet Thing


This is one of my absolute favorite Prince studio tracks. Just engineered beautifully.

Sign o' The Times

how he came to write it -