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african-american brutal no compromise jazz not for wimps or faint at hearted?

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André Le Nôtre:
hmmm, well I don't know then. If Sun Ra's Space is The Place and Pharoah Sanders' The Creator Has A Master Plan are too tame, then I'm at a loss. To me even Cecil Taylor (who I also like a great deal) sounds more conventional/tame than that stuff.

steve ridgway:

--- Quote from: MN Dave on November 25, 2020, 01:32:33 PM ---Does this mean I can start a brutal death metal thread?  :laugh:

--- End quote ---

I found some great brutal death metal on recently - Vögel from Iceland are my favourite of them. >:D

steve ridgway:
For far out, experimental jazz type noise try the free 9 CD download Clinical Jazz.

A couple recommendations:

T. D.:
Brötzmann might very well fit the bill, apart from the "African-American" stip.  ;)


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