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Started by haydnguy, December 04, 2020, 06:57:08 AM

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Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area but I see ballet threads in the Opera and Vocal.

I have always bought my DVD's/CD's but circumstances here at my home dictate that I must watch on my laptop, which I don't mind. I have two laptops with a DVD player but my brand new laptop has no DVD/CD player.

I just tried to watch the Nutcracker on Youtube and found that it is chopped up into 3 to 4 minutes a clip. (Sometimes 1 minute). This is the same problem that I found with Amazon.

I know that some people moved away from CD/DVD a long time ago and I was wondering how they would watch operas/ballets? Thank you.


Though I don't see as much dance online as I'd like, there is a good bit on YouTube that is not broken up into little pieces. E.g., here is the 1993 Nutcracker from NY City Ballet (which I haven't seen):

Doing a quick search, I see the Netherlands Dance Theatre is doing livestreams for 15 Euro, which seems very reasonable. There are likely other companies doing something similar.

And for viewing, I have my laptop connected to a big TV screen, which makes the experience at least a little closer to actually being there.



Just found this article on Vulture, which looks quite good! I was not aware of Marquee.