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pianist Stanley Cowell R.I.P.

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He was 79.   :(

Prime mover of Strata-East records.  Collaborated with Bobby Hutcherson, Woody Shaw, Ed Blackwell, Roy Haynes, Stanley Clarke, Larry Coryell, Richard Davis, etc., etc., etc.   

Brilliant Circles (1969), at least, should be in every Jazz fan's collection.

T. D.:
Thanks for starting this thread. I considered doing so yesterday but passed because I expected no response.

I've been listening to all my Cowell recordings as leader and sideman. Extremely sad news; Cowell is a big favorite and a true unsung/underrated artist IMO.

Brilliant Circles is excellent music, but the recording is notorious for poor sound quality. Saxophonist Tyrone Washington seems to be playing his ass off, but it's difficult to tell because he sounds as if he was recorded from another room (and not even an adjacent one  ;) ).

?  My vinyl sounds really good - maybe you bought a mfg'd defective copy?

T. D.:
Could be, or maybe something happened to the masters before conversion to CD. Many have complained about the CD sonics. But I gave up vinyl long ago (downsizing).

Ah - I see on Wiki that the Black Lion CD re-issue of this record has been scathed.  Scorched.  Volatilized.
I've never heard it.


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