Author Topic: Philippe Rogier (1561-1596) Chapel of elegance  (Read 73 times)

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Philippe Rogier (1561-1596) Chapel of elegance
« on: January 09, 2021, 03:38:00 AM »
How can I start this Rogier's Motet whom shine whit brilliance I have the 3 CD of philip Cave and there prodigious, I mean the recordings itself quality LINN label, master of excellence, finest CD out here that for sure, no to mention Philip Cave know or understand the grace & refine finest execute on these 3 albums.
I gave them perfect score perfect notes, awesome sleeve, what other can a man ask for?

Beside on first CD publish called Magnificat Philip Rogier you will get the sunny masse Ego sum qui sum an absolutly lovely motets by Nicolas Gombert of same nnaame, perhaaps a gem Gombert left us,, we music of renaissance lover, but the not all wait until I come whit CD 2 Philip Rogier:Music from the Missae sex, Missaa inclita Stirpe Jesse The CD start whit a blossoming motets of Jacobus Clemens (1510-1556) + two fgift of Antonio de Cabezon the great orgaanist himself and oof course 2 Rogier's Masses. CD3 always on LINN offer Philip Rogier Missae domine dominus, missa Domine in Virtue Tua + Pierre-Luigi Da Palestrina Motet..

That all for LINN finest Rogier offerings ever get these there keeper