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A thread for all the cool living composers from Das Land ohne Musik who don't deserve a thread of their own.

Warning. I said living, and I mean alive and kicking. No Vaughan Williams allowed.

And here's one for starters -- James Clarke -- new complexity maybe, but this guy's got soul and he's got brains. Three recordings, all fabulous IMO, especially the first two


Simon Emmerson is a music professor in Leicester. Sentences and Five Spaces on this CD are gorgeous - he has a sense of space and calm which I like very much. Chamber sized music.


James Saunders does two things. One is write very quiet music, but it’s quite complex, rich textures, we’re in a much less ascetic world than, for example Antoine Beuger and Jürg Frey - I love it when I’m in the mood. The other is write modular music - the performers assemble the modules in any way they want. The two CDs above have become great favourites of mine. He’s been played at Donaueschinger and Darmstadt, and indeed the performances have been recorded and commercially released - the one at Donaueschinger is a favourite. (2007 vol. 2)

Here are two for starters, whose music I greatly admire. Robin Walker for works like 'Great Rock is Dead' which has an, appropriately granitic, monolithic power. (which reminded me a bit of the Icelandic composer Jon Leifs) and Philip Spratley's (great name) Symphony No.3 'Sinfonia Pascale':


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