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Strangely moreish music, this sequence by Oliver Leith, I mean, it is kind of impossible to stop listening when you start. It’s a bit like Angelo Badalamenti/Twin Peaks music with some cool percussion providing spice, a triangle here and there sort of thing. And than percussion stops it from being smug and pompous. Worth a listen - nice ambient relaxing music, with a disturbing edge.

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And the new one is seriously good, this guy’s the real deal.

T. D.:

--- Quote from: Mandryka on May 23, 2021, 03:41:49 AM ---And the new one is seriously good, this guy’s the real deal.

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Agreed, after reading your previous post I listened to the clips from the new one and was impressed.
Much (most?) of the Another Timbre catalog seems to consist of quiet solos/duets or ambient-type music, which I'm pretty full up on these days, so I'm pleased to see the chamber works with relatively large ensembles.

Buy it NOW!

(On the other hand, the new one from James Weeks seems a bit disappointing.)


Essay on Richard Emsley by Richard Barrett. I’m very much enjoying some long solo piano pieces on soundcloud, e.g. For Piano 13.


Above is a link to four CDs by John Tilbury of solo piano music by Howard Skempton. I’ve just downloaded the third, largely because of the comments by Skempton about two of the pieces on it.

The CD is a revelation, that’s the only word for it. Much much more interesting than any Skempton piano I’ve heard before - including Tilbury’s commercial CD on Sony. Howard Skempton has a serious following here in London, and I’ve met composers who rate his music very highly indeed. These recordings by Tilbury are helping me to finally see why.

I’m coming to the conclusion that Tilbury really flowered around 2010 - all the recordings I hear from him from around that time are exceptional.

(I’m not convinced that the sound quality really justifies flac - these recordings are fine, but not SOTA!)


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