Sokolov's Beethoven

Started by Holden, February 19, 2021, 12:20:52 AM

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I was introduced to Sokolov via the Op 25 Chopin Etudes and on first listen knew I was hearing an exceptional talent. To add to that I was sent a CDR via the now absent Dirk Ronk of a Chopin recital in Amsterdam from 2005 which is the best I've ever heard. He also sent me the classic 1975 Hammerklavier which sits in my top three Op 106's of all time.

I then began to explore his LvB sonatas. I found a site which listed a lot of very early recordings made in Russia and he recorded a lot of LvB, much of which has not been repeated. I can no longer find this site.

What I like about Sokolov's approach to Beethoven is its freshness. While I might not necessarily agree with what he's doing at times, he always makes me listen.

Searching YT tonight I found performances of Op14 1&2, Op 28 (which I love) Op 7, Op 10/3 and am listening to Op 31/1. Op 31/2 is also there.

Does anyone have access to a complete Sokolov discography? Are there other LvB sonatas I can access.



I have only heard the early 90s? discs for op.111/Naive with the Diabellis and opp.7 + 101. They should be findable without much difficulty. The Diabellis are very good although quite slow but I I don't recall anything about the other discs. I'd guess he has become even more subtle/detailed in more recent recordings, but I have not heard any them (partly because of the choice of pieces and partly because slow detailed Beethoven is not really my favorite, despite superior artistry).
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Just thinking of sonatas, in addition to what you mentioned I have recordings of him playing op 111, op 2/2 and op22.
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