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Stürmisch Bewegt:
Hello Classical fans.  Good to be amongst fellow listeners and the similarly addicted.  Seems peculiar to feel the need to describe my interests when - as I've learned from experience - today's dislikes become tomorrow's enthusiasms, at least that's my story!  I had a friend once, German-born, classically trained pianist, also an MD (classic under-achiever) who told one of her professors she hated Wagner.  "I can assure you that you'll like him eventually," he told her.  She was skeptical.  Years after she graduated she revisited her alma mater and he asked her if she still hated him, "No, he's my favorite composer."  "I told you you'd come 'round..."  In any case, best to describe my listening as "anything goes" with a marked preference for French composers of every generation. 

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to GMD, Stürmisch. A fellow Francophile here... ;)

Welcome to GMG! Plenty of French music fans on this board.  :)

Welcome and make yourself at home !


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