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--- Quote from: Roasted Swan on July 09, 2021, 08:11:23 AM ---VS - why should this be strange?!  For me Shirley-Quirk's voice is synonymous with so much of my favourite British music (well he was the go-to baritone for EMI for pretty much all of it!). A golden age of recording caught a golden voice in its prime.  His performances will remain reference recordings for me - not exlusively the best but the one the others have to beat......

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For me, I find JS-Q wonderfully consistent. Whether it is Bach's B minor Mass with Marriner, Elgar's Light of Life with Hickox late in his career, or this Stravinsky with Abbado, literature I assume was out of his wheelhouse, I am always enchanted with his abilities.

I suppose, though, steady as a rock as opposed to starry or exotic.



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