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A thread for all the avant garde American composers who probably don’t need a thread of their own

And I’ll start it off by saying that I’m really enjoying this at the moment

The thing is tagged Larry Polansky but he doesn’t get a mention in the sleeve! The thing I’m enjoying is Polansky’s Eight Fermentations.

I will just make the obligatory mention of Karl Hennings.


--- Quote from: springrite on March 15, 2021, 01:19:19 AM ---I will just make the obligatory mention of Karl Hennings.

--- End quote ---


T. D.:
Pamela Z
We (the OP and I) have mentioned her elsewhere. Search engine doesn't allow strings of 1 character, but I couldn't find a thread. Video or live preferred, her electronics really impress visually.

Rather obscure, and I'm not 100% certain of American citizenship (she was born in Detroit): Lucia Dlugoszewski made some interesting explorations of timbre and invented many instruments.

I like most of the music on the 2 Cold Blue CD compilations. No doubt just my insanity, but I find the obscure Read Miller's (purely) spoken-word piece Mile Zero Hotel strangely fascinating:


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