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Roy Bland:


Started to explore Scott Fields' Seven Deserts after reading  Todd McComb's  review on his website. This is seriously good music, complex polyphony, aleatoric, improvisational sections which are responsive to the timbres of the instrument, often very inspired and fresh, spontaneous sounding.

Inspired by Haydn op 20 - starting to explore


How strange that, this morning, the music on this CD should sound so perfect. Hardly avant garde though, so maybe this isn’t the place. It’s garde has ceased to be avant.

This is probably a better place to mention Robert Di Domenica, whose Symphony 1961 is perhaps no longer "avant-garde," if it ever was.  I offered it yesterday under the Levine topic, who is the conductor here with the Munich Philharmonic: I find the work to be echt amerikanisch !   ;)


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