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Here the problem I had, order the deluxe  Beauty Farm CD in November , whit Covid-19, it was delayed for such long  time hiatus , that I though it would never arrive, so was tired of  waiting for the record store since not arrive in march, so I order the Gombert Masses 2 CD'S  to presto classical, don't want to deceive shop owner in my neighborhood, because he dose good works for me, find some time stuff never heard of.

So I will have to buy it once again  seal and wrap  mint, want to sell it and also Gombert on Huelgas Ensemble, this is another story what happen is since had purchased A secret labyrinth, it included in it, don't need a mint copy not seal and wrap this time, but like new, no scratch no  nothing perfect condition album.

So mu idea is to sell both of these extra records to someone living in my city Montreal ideal, the Gombert Masses album is worth 50 CDN $, like I said new  mint seal and wrapped, the other CD is not wrapped but good has a new one.

So  whom want to make a deal  whit me  buy these  two excellent offerings, the gombert Masses I sell it for 50$ since new, wrapped, mint, the other one on Huelgas for 20$ dollars square this mean 70$ Canadian banana, anyone interested in my hometown, this is a good deal, I presume send me a private message if you like in Montreal and you dig the composer of renaissance?  :(

I'm stuck in this situation please help?
Next month I committed to the store, that would buy it, what should I do can someone help out, message me private if interested, by my offer...

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