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--- Quote from: Gurn Blanston on April 14, 2021, 06:18:33 AM ---So, your professional musician theory probably is more likely. That said, I've dealt with many of them, too, with no problem. So maybe he was just uniquely M? 😳


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Well, I believe he wasn't a very successful musician, as far as I know, always playing temp jobs on the fly. And I think he was doing equipment or studio jobs at the time of his posting here, in 'Merica, of all places!. So maybe there was a little bit of unhappiness there.

I'm also fairly sure these music groups attract a fairly reliable number of cranks and not entirely well-adapted members of society, frankly I'm ready to count myself in either of those groups (but not both at the same time, please!), who need to act out a form of superiority here they're lacking IRL.

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It seems by the sound of it that even I could be considered one of the GMG trolls. :P We all have our eccentricities of course, but also, there are some people who are just plain...bizarre.


--- Quote from: BWV 1080 on April 12, 2021, 11:13:22 AM ---Although if anyone is feeling nostalgic, I bet you could locate Sean on a sex offender registry somewhere

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I remember that one (of many) of Sean's peculiarities was that he held it to be literally, physically impossible for modern listeners to understand music written pre-1700 because it was "modal" rather than "tonal".  Apparently back then they had an extra awareness, rather like beings that inhabit 4-dimensional space, of the differences between the Mixolydian, Dorian, Phrygian etc. which we have completely lost.  For us to listen to early music was therefore rather like a blind person visiting a picture gallery.  I once forced John Browne's Stabat mater upon him, which he gave his usual thorough attention (he listened to everything 5 times before expressing an opinion) before grudgingly conceding that it exhibited "proto-tonal tendencies".

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--- Quote from: k a rl h e nn i ng on April 14, 2021, 04:19:38 AM ---Agreed. He came to work in Boston at one point, and we got together for a cup of tea near my office.

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I seem to remember that he subsequently made some cutting remarks regarding your success as a composer, which seemed particularly offensive because of your prior hospitality. Of course, memory is often inaccurate and is impossible to confirm. Conversations are extremely difficult to reconstruct from these discussion board, which don't allow you to access see things as they unfolded chronologically across threads, and because offensive posts are often deleted.


--- Quote from: k a rl h e nn i ng on April 14, 2021, 04:19:38 AM ---Agreed. He came to work in Boston at one point, and we got together for a cup of tea near my office.

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Michael and I actually lived in the same town in California when he was out here.  He also came to the West Coast Brucknerthon at least once.  I think he may have been a bit hurt that I never hung out with him, though that had more to do with my living situation at the time and my being rather anti-social.


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