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Re: Frescobaldi, Girolamo - Italian Keyboard Pioneer!
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Frescobaldi: Il Primo Libro di Capricci [Vartolo]

I like this music a lot. I find it to be very engaging and both calming and soothing. I also like Vartolo’s playing. I find that he has a somewhat assertive touch but one which is tempered by grace and elegance. I also find the sound of the instrument used to be very appealing. A combination of the playing and the nature of the sound of the instrument allows all lines to be clearly defined, articulated and heard. It is also recorded in a complimentary and enhancing acoustic. There is good space and depth in the recording. It is a very fine and recommended presentation. 
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Re: Frescobaldi, Girolamo - Italian Keyboard Pioneer!
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This uses an Ategnati at Mantua, the organ is noble and sweet, sweeter and rounder, tubbier,  in tone than the Ategnati at Milan which Alessandrini used. Michele Fontana plays calmly, he is more inclined to introspection than brio. The performances seem very “straightforward”, maybe not as poetic or mystical as others but nevertheless not unsatisfactory. All three masses, I’ve listened to the Sunday mass only. Some singing in the Kyrie.
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