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Greetings all

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 :) ... thank you. I feel silly for so much silence.

Onslow is new to me, to be honest. Yesterday was a chance to hear symphonies 1-4 back to back to make Monday less painful than usual. Not sure Berlioz was right about him being the French Beethoven, but they were certainly enjoyable.

“Pencils” does ring a (distant) bell. I won’t say welcome, since you’re not new here, but I will say “good to see you again”!  8)

steve ridgway:
Hello foxandpeng. I don’t have anything of musical value to contribute either but I like to display my appreciation for the works I enjoy by showing that someone in the world is actually listening to them.

Thank you. I am a little shy in recent years, but will try to add comments where I can :)

david johnson:
Greetings, and welcome among us.  I, too, enjoy Bruckner  :)


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