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Greetings all

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Hey, foxandpeng, thanks for the "reveal."  8) As you have probably noticed, many different types of people contribute here, from people who just enjoy music, to those who dabble as amateur musicians, to professional composers. All are welcome, including you.

(And Vaughan Williams, Kancheli, Onslow, and Bruckner make an interesting quartet.)


Five years, wow!  Delighted you decided to make the leap and welcome.  :)


--- Quote ---My favourite composers vary like the British weather, to be honest.Lots of Scandinavians and other Northern Europeans, and mostly from the Romantic period onwards
--- End quote ---

Love that !  8)

Papy Oli:
Hello & welcome  :)

(: premont :):
Welcome back to the forum.  :)  I vaguely recall your username pencils.

Very few of us are professional musicians, so there is no reason to be ashamed of being an amateur like the lion's share of us.

Reviewing your earlier posts I also recall this, which is even more actual to day:


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