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Mikhail Nosyrev Symphonies 3 and 4 on Olympia


Tom 1960:
I have a beat up burned copy of this from many years back and unfortunately is pretty much unlistenable. I would like to own the original version on Olympia for a fair price. The going rate here stateside is $30. I wouldn't mind his first and second symphonies as a bonus also on Olympia. PM me if you're interested.

k a rl h e nn i ng:
Hey, Tom! Hope you're doing well!

Tom 1960:
Karl, great to hear from you! I thought perhaps you would chime in. Sounds like you don't own this but I am certainly glad to hear from you. Been playing more classical music the past few days. All is well here in southern Maine.

Roy Bland:
I would suggest this:


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