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UEFA Euro 2020

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T. D.:

--- Quote from: OrchestralNut on July 12, 2021, 08:59:58 AM ---I'm pretty sure France vs Italy final in 2000 was golden goal. What made them modify this method of determining outcome to two 15 minutes of extra time?

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I think that some time in the '90s, FIFA changed from 2 15-min extra time periods to "Golden Goal", hoping it would lead to more exciting play. Apparently that didn't happen (teams preferred to stall and go to the shootout), and there were controversies, e.g. about offside golden goals. FIFA switched back to 2x15min e. t. in 2002 and concluded that "G G" was a failed experiment.

I don't like the penalties (especially as England nearly always lose them) and I think that it's very unfair on the players who miss them, but I'm not sure that I can think of a better way other than extra-time followed by penalties. In the past there would have been a re-play if the scores had been level after extra time (as in the 1970 Cup Final) which is probably the fairer system, but this would be impractical in a competition like the Euros or World Cup.


--- Quote from: DaveF on July 12, 2021, 09:16:00 AM ---

Enjoyed the reminiscence of Julian Dicks btw, Irons - blast it anywhere and hope for the best.  Pretty well encapsulates the great man's attitude to the beautiful game in general!

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Oh, if only Southgate sat the pen takers down and showed them this clip!

Golden goal was used in 1996-2000? 1996 Euro final was also a golden goal by Bierhoff. It was overall not popular, I think, and as has been said, penalties were still an option.
I am relying on memory and have not looked at stats but I think that in the 80/90s it was not that frequent and there were also more overtimes without penalties (and still they tried golden goal!). One possible reason is that fitness and athleticism of soccer players have markedly increased in the last decades so in former times it was more often the case that one team was dead on their legs in overtime and lost.
What I am a bit puzzled about is that we had almost twice the substitutes as usual (and this will remain an exception and change again) teams were so rarely able to impact the game in the overtime by bringing 2-3 fresh offensive players. It seems almost everyone  was more afraid of losing than wanting to win.
I am not one who finds soccer boring because there are so few scorings (to the contrary, this is the main reason why there is almost no other team sport where the underdogs have better chances beating favorites) but I admit that I often find matches going to 120 min with zero to two goals overall often tedious.


--- Quote from: Irons on July 12, 2021, 10:51:50 PM ---Oh, if only Southgate sat the pen takers down and showed them this clip!

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Yes, that's the way to take a penalty!


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