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Pohjolas Daughter:
I recently heard some excerpts from a 3-CD set of Lee Morgan's called "Live at the Lighthouse" which I enjoyed.  I have a smattering of jazz albums but don't know a whole lot about it and it can be rather daunting at times to figure out where to dive in.  What do you folks who are familiar with his recordings think of this set and are there any classic ones by him that you think that I should explore? From what I understand (after doing some quick googling), it falls into the category of "hard bop"?  Suggestions of tracks to explore further online would also be appreciated.   :)


p.s.  If there is already a thread on Lee Morgan, please feel free to move this there.  I didn't see one, but I might not have gone back in the search engine far enough to find it.

I will take a listen into his huge discography... :P

This album would be his most notorious :

The Sidewinder (1964)

But personally I know him especially for having been a "Jazz Messenger" :

Moanin' (1958)

Pohjolas Daughter:

--- Quote from: T. D. on July 04, 2021, 04:51:35 AM ---The Lighthouse material is highly regarded by Morgan fans, BUT...there's an upcoming 12 LP / 8-CD reissue of that material, on Blue Note of all labels!

I'm considering that one.

Lee Morgan is pretty much the quintessential 50s/60s Blue Note hard bop trumpeter (OK, Donald Byrd was also big). I only have a few of his solo releases, but boatloads with him as sideman.
Pretty much any of his appearances with Blakey* or also including Horace Silver (the "co-creators" of hard bop) or Hank Mobley are recommendable.

*although my favorite Blakey recordings feature Kenny Dorham or Clifford Brown

Sidewinder is really popular, a landmark recording which arguably started hard bop's 1960s decline to formulaic boogaloo tunes.

I have a taste for the 60s Blue Note recordings that stretch (to some extent) the boundaries of hard bop, and this one is outstanding:

This is a pretty good sideman appearance with the underrated Tina Brooks, also with Sonny Clark, who's a personal favorite:

Lee Morgan died in lurid circumstances - his girlfriend shot him on stage at Slug's in the East Village - and there's an interesting film I Called Him Morgan:

--- End quote ---
Thank you for the music suggestions; I'll look into them.  I really didn't need to know about the circumstances though.  Truthfully, I hate it when guys add stuff like this.  It's one of the reasons that I am sometimes reluctant to go onto a forum.  All I asked for was music suggestions....  Sorry, I am not trying to be mean or unappreciative of you taking the time to reply, but I just didn't need to have this image stuck into my head. 

Best wishes,


Dry Brett Kavanaugh:
I always like the hipness/badness of Lee Morgan, and I have a majority of his albums. While most of his albums are very good, I personally like the Vol. 3 and Gigolo. Sidewinder and Cornbread are mixed bags, imo. Also, he is great in Coltrane’s Blue Train, Jackie Mclean’s Consequence, and Shorter’s Introducing Wayne Shorter. These are my personal favorites, and almost all of his albums are fine/very good.

Pohjolas Daughter:

--- Quote from: T. D. on July 04, 2021, 05:51:07 AM ---In lieu of forums, the All Music Guide is a reasonable source for jazz recording info.


Discography: (note there's a separate click required for compilations)

They give plenty of reviews, and the "album picks" are obvious places to start. Can't always trust the star ratings, as there are myriad three-star reviews with extremely laudatory text.

--- End quote ---
Thank you for your suggestions; I've visited them (and used paperback guides back in the day).  And thank you for editing your original post--I really appreciate that!  There are a number of very nice, thoughtful and polite people on this forum and I really enjoy sharing music questions, recs, etc. with them....yourself included.  :)

Off now to copy down the recs and check into them.

Thanks to the rest of you guys for your suggestions.  Will reply further when I've had the chance to listen to some of them.



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