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New to the forum.
Find it a little intimidating-seeing it’s a classical music forum and I don’t read music, & certainly can’t play an instrument :).
My first exposure to classical music was in the ‘70s listening to the Toronto FM station CJRT. It is a jazz station now, but I remember the days when Peter Keigh and others introduced me to orchestral, opera,  chamber & early music. One of my favourite programs of theirs was on Sunday night-‘Music Before 1800’. From there, I’ve tried to expand my knowledge. Hopefully I can learn a few things through this forum as well.

Hello, Homer, and welcome. No need to read music or play and instrument -- neither one is required to have a good time here. Let us know what you're listening to, and enjoy GMG.


Mirror Image:
Welcome aboard, Homer! Your avatar looks familiar from another forum --- perhaps the Steve Hoffman forum? Anyway, who are some of your favorite composers? Looking forward to seeing you around and feel free to jump right into a thread of your interest.

Papy Oli:
Hello and Welcome !  :)

Pohjolas Daughter:
Welcome, Homer!  :)



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