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Alek Hidell:
Welcome, Homer!

No prerequisites to being a member here - while we certainly do have members who can read, play, and compose music, I think most of us are just "lay listeners" like yourself. I can read music to a certain extent and played an instrument as a kid (over 40 years ago!), but I'm far from being expert - and, except at the most rudimentary level, music theory goes in one ear and out the other with me. So no worries about being out of your depth here.

Anyway, glad to have you!

A warm welcome, Homer !  :)

k a rl h e nn i ng:

Welcome and enjoy!

I can't read music and don't play an instrument either but that has never stopped me from contributing my 'expert' (Hahaha) opinions on many subjects - so, please don't feel inhibited by that! As the proud father-in-law to a fellow Canadian I am very pleased that you have joined the forum and hope that you enjoy your time here.


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