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I'm selling some records, I have no choice I explain? pls save deprofundis?


I have too mutch record and order too mutch this month totally Imature conduct, I need help any buyer in montreal city  quebec canada, whom has a healty wallet, I will sell the one I don't need, I keep my records CD & LP in mint  shape are vg= very good, I have rarety, but some are not for selling, contact me  privated , save deprofundis, from compulsive buying, it's an illness, I stress and anxiety strike in, I want good buyers, ready to help out, I have a lot of LP and CD, some box-set I want to sell?

Please help out good olde deprofundis  P.M me send me a message , ask me for my list of vinyl for sold?  :'(

Oh hell what have I done, I mess up, need money to pay my credit card, I'm in turmoil, It's hard for me to departed from some of them, I will try to sell some in a batch I have also non classical music?

Sound'S pathetic, yes it his don't won't to be in dept to the red?

I.e I am selling my entire Madrigals
Carlo Gesualdo in Vinyl Harmonia mundi asking 100$ I.e this mean 25 each,
Lassus Raphael Passaquet Ensemble Laments of Job 100$ canadian banana it'S was expensive has hell , very out of print very rare? I ask 60$ can mint double LP,  Claude Le Jeune Le Printemps Arions  box-set, label 45$, all my das  alte work  only keeping one, some Other Gesualdo, A rare Gregorian LP  French Edition RARE DECCA lP 100$ canadian banana minth shape, Gesualdo Box-set tenebrae responsoria  Japanese Edition Arkiv product Produktion the 70''  LP play fine but sleeve in bad shape 60$, PERHAPS THERE IS MORE  LIKE A TROUVIERE LP box-set sequentia 70 $ can. If you live in quebec close or New England and can drive to pîck them up, I got many title's?

I pray for helper , goodwill thinkers and doers whit money that can give me a good price for them so I wont suffer next mont I'm so worrie, anxiety kick in , and depress man, not suicidal, but don't know how to deal whit this since in bad shape and ''invalide" tought anxious, to stress, too traumatized.Please pay me in person in cash, I f you're wiliing to help me out soaking my dept trough honnest buzziness, yet some vinyl I can't depart from they have sentimental value.

I am a good Host very manner  & polite, friendly , down to heart dude, I will give you cup of coffes , ifor food I made if it'S the case. Bring money, I am fair play, non-violent, non overwhelming jerk. My goal is 300$- 400$ canadians dollars?

Any folks inrterrested,??? tell me.


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