Author Topic: Risk taker, Goeing fishing for Old LP'S, Franco-flemish, English, Italian, C.M?  (Read 4931 times)

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Really like, these old vinyl 50-60 I'm a proud  ''cougar LP '' lover  :laugh:
Why do I take risk whit old LP well I think , could be wrong, but since the vinyl were more thick , the sillions are more deep bringning a better sound.

Look at these  LP'S for Instance : Luca Marenzio ensemble Italian Madrigals , this is a gem, awonderfull LP whit composer not that  noticed by C.M lovers and it'S so great, you don't even know.

Take another album of  60'' Gesualdo/Azzaiolo on  vox

There are manny more exemple I trust my Instinct, were meticuleous whit detail, Label ,Ensemble, Musicians, all in all.

I'm look for  these Old LP of classical  of Renaissance and I'm a die hard fan of Renaissance of Kingdom Of Burgundy, English Polyphony, Italians  were quite strong during 17th century.

Are youa good Fisherman of oldies , LP  of the 50-60 love them a lots, whiteout always earing them first, my instinct of music lover, connaisseur drive me to buy them.

Any 50-60 fisherman of the LP here or older?
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