Author Topic: Risk taker, Goeing fishing for Old LP'S, Franco-flemish, English, Italian, C.M?  (Read 4994 times)

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Really like, these old vinyl 50-60 I'm a proud  ''cougar LP '' lover  :laugh:
Why do I take risk whit old LP well I think , could be wrong, but since the vinyl were more thick , the sillions are more deep bringning a better sound.

Look at these  LP'S for Instance : Luca Marenzio ensemble Italian Madrigals , this is a gem, awonderfull LP whit composer not that  noticed by C.M lovers and it'S so great, you don't even know.

Take another album of  60'' Gesualdo/Azzaiolo on  vox

There are manny more exemple I trust my Instinct, were meticuleous whit detail, Label ,Ensemble, Musicians, all in all.

I'm look for  these Old LP of classical  of Renaissance and I'm a die hard fan of Renaissance of Kingdom Of Burgundy, English Polyphony, Italians  were quite strong during 17th century.

Are youa good Fisherman of oldies , LP  of the 50-60 love them a lots, whiteout always earing them first, my instinct of music lover, connaisseur drive me to buy them.

Any 50-60 fisherman of the LP here or older?
Renaissance Music, and in general sense, great audphile por favor: Alte musik Werks, love my NON-SUCH records collection and  espacialy my Lyricord that I'm in love whit the sound fabuleous, got lots of Holy Grails LP, Rare CD.   maybe too much, but want to stop, not materialist but enjoy music.