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How do you do fellow classical music enthusiasts?

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I'm happy to be here with you. I've been bewitched and thrilled by classical music (and very soon opera) since 9th grade which was many, many decades ago. You see, I learned to play the clarinet between 8th and 9th grades taking summertime lessons in the public school system where I lived. Once marching band was over (due to the end of football season), we had indoors concert band. We played all sorts of music but I was instantly smitten by the lighter and heavier classical music we played. My parents, who weren't much educated, never listened to classical music so I have to say that maybe the best thing that happened to me in life was the immediate love for classical music. I just can't live without it and I tell people I only live for my music. [I mainly listen to the Romantic period composers but also to various 20th century composers. And I like the music of Philip Glass too.]

Hello, Tantris, and welcome to GMG. Lots of Tchaikovsky fans here (including me), and you'll also find some more clarinetists, too. And your story about discovering classical music in high school will likely resonate with many.


Pohjolas Daughter:
Greetings Tantris!  And welcome to GMG!   :)

Looking forward to reading your contributions on the various threads.


Papy Oli:
Hello and Welcome!  :)

steve ridgway:
Welcome to the forum Tantris. :)


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