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Ralph Towner : his recording career

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In the album " Icarus " by the Paul Winter Consort ,  Ralph Towner is already present, as a performer, composer and vocalist ( in the same album there are the future members of Oregon group as well ) , but .....  which is the very first recording where Ralph plays his instruments ? 

Was it Diary?

T. D.:
You can look up credits on Allmusic:

Earliest shown there is Duke Pearson's I Don't Care Who Knows It on Blue Note (1970).

Which is quite a surprise!  :o


--- Quote from: Artem on September 12, 2021, 11:05:09 PM ---Was it Diary?

--- End quote ---
  Diary has been made( or put on sale ) in 1974 , Icarus in 1972 .  There are 3 other albums from the Paul Winter Consort registered before Icarus (not available in CD format) but probably Ralph Towner was not in that group then :(

Mirror Image:
My favorite Towner album is Solstice. For me, everything was in alignment when this recording was made: the musicians are all incredible (Towner, Garbarek, Weber and Christensen) and music is utterly gorgeous. It’s one of those albums that stirs the soul as there’s this searching quality in much of the music, but it is such an incredibly journey that I never tire of hearing it.


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